Chabad @ The Medical Centers is here to serve the Jewish Medical Community. We are open and here to serve you. 

This is also the home of the "Kidney Assist" program. More info available on our Facebook "Kidney Assist" page or by reaching out to us.   

For all comments, questions and information, please contact Rabbi Boruch Wolf at (516) 360-0299. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any matter, big or small.


Mission Statement

Chabad @ The Medical Centers, specifically serving North Shore and LIJ Hospitals, is the address where people can turn to when they or their loved ones are at the the hospital requiring a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and caring support. Caring for the spiritual, social and emotional welfare of those at the medical centers and providing warm meals, a warm bed, personal counseling or whatever assistance is needed, Chabad is available 24/7. 

Additionally, Chabad serves the needs of the broader Jewish medical community- including doctors, nurses, administration, and general staff to promote Mitzvot, Jewish identity and awareness. 

Chabad is a grass-roots supported nonprofit 501c3 organization. Your donations enable our operations and ensure that we can continue to never turn anybody away requiring support.